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What is Exponential?

Exponential is a suite of tools and technologies that enable you to develop web apps faster with less effort. Specifically, Exponential generates the following code for you:

  • Angular app including routes, controllers, services, directives, and filters.
  • Node API as a suite of standard RESTful JSON end points. The Node API code includes all server-side routes, controllers, and models.
  • Mongo queries as Mongoose models.
  • A production ready Express application framework.
  • Validation code for Angular in the browser and Node on the server.
  • Unit tests written with Jasmine and Karma for Angular and Node.
  • And, Exponential connects each of the above components into functional code.

Who uses Exponential?



Building a startup involves numerous build, measure, learn cycles. Exponential helps you build faster by empowering you with the same tools used at the largest and most advanced technology companies.



Go from idea to working product in record time. Exponential gives you a suite of tools to rapidly convert ideas into working prototypes. When you're ready to move from prototype to production, Exponential jumpstarts your production development.



Leading companies such as LinkedIn, PayPal, Groupon, and Walmart have all reported 40% cost savings and massive increases in developer productivity by switching to NodeJS. Exponential delivers cost savings and productivity improvements.


Angular. Automated.

Exponential boosts your productivity by generating a complete Angular app. All source code is well formatted, commented, and is ready for your to extend with your custom logic. Exponential helps you by automating all repetative code including controllers, services, directives, filters and connects your app to your REST API.



Node API. Ready for production.

Exponential is the fastest and easiest way to build high performance APIs. Using Exponential, you can create a production ready API in a matter of minutes.

MongoDB. Consider it done.

Exponential automates the creation of Mongoose models, sets up Express to load your models, and connects your models with your Node API controllers. As with all Exponential modules, the code created by Exponential is well formatted, commented and is ready for you to extend with your custom logic.


Module Definition Format (MDF)

Module Definition Format. Simplicity.

Exponential uses the Module Definition Format (MDF). MDF is a simple JSON format that empowers you to define and build apps, modules, and components in minutes. Using a barebones MDF file, you can prototype an app in less than an hour. Later, you can flesh out your MDF with validation, security and production ready performance optimizations. Each MDF file creates everything your app needs including an Angular UI, a Node API, and a Mongo database.